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Mini Mike definitely has a Napoleon Complex! Featuring three line-tie positions, Mini Mike's swimming action changes drastically when you move the pull-point. Attach the leader to the nose of the bait and the lure pulls like a traditional crankbaits. The second hole is the sweet-spot, but move the pin to the front hold, the Mini Mike turns into a high-action shallow running crankbaits that wobbles, rolls, and darts left to right! The lure measures 8-inches and comes in a variety of color patterns. You can also call and demand that Smith paints you a custom color on this particular bait.


  • Precision balanced wood body
  • Hand-carved Banana-shaped body
  • Wide wobble, rolling action that randomly hunts pauses and darts
  • Best Hooks In the Industry
  • Hand-Tied Feather Prankster Teaser Tail
  • Hand-Tuned & Lake-Tested

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Little MikeA Nepoleon Complex is a domineering or aggressive attitude perceived as a form of overcompensation for being physically small or short —not used technically. Several studies show that the Napoleon Complex or the short man syndrome is real and exists in shorter men. To make up for their shorter height and the fear of being perceived as weak by other tall people, shorter people act aggressively in several situations.

Napoleon complex refers to a specific type of inferiority complex associated with short people, and especially with short men. It is also sometimes called the “Napoleon syndrome” or the “short-man complex.” Individuals with this disposition overcompensate for their short stature by being excessively belligerent, hostile, or quarrelsome in their interpersonal relationships.


Human Mike — Jeff and Jeremy’s longtime coworker and good friend is the human version of Big Mike. A seemingly common man, he’s a loyal husband to Betsy, father to Abbi, and recently became a grandpa. He works at his own steady and unpredictable pace, formulated a liberal yet conservative fish harvest program termed CMI, and to be honest, that’s about all the space we have to peel back the various complex layers of Human Big Mike. Good guy, loyal friend, great angler.

Reviews & Ratings

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Little Mike

  1. Greg “Cattail” Kvale

    Just fished the Winnie colored Litle Mike!! It’s the best, widest, weirdest wobble crankbait on the market!

    These things are tits!!!

    Caught a 48-inch on the troll, and a 42-incher casting this bait so far.

  2. Jeff Simpson

    One of the most popular lures.

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