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Big Mike stretches 12-inches long (same as a small walleye or other baitfish) and has an incredibly well designed wide-wobble rolling action that randomly hunts pauses and darts. This deep-diving crankbait features three line-tie positions that enable users to change how the bait dives, pulls, and swims through the water. In actuality, you are purchasing a bait that produces three completely different swimming actions! Handcrafted by Jeff Simpson and Jeremy Smith, this laborious lure-build takes approximately 30 different steps from start to finish to complete. And although Jer and Jeff love Big Mike and its extremely effective fish triggering ability, they are committed to only producing a limited quantity select number of baits per year. First come first serve!


  • Precision balanced wood body
  • Hand-carved Banana-shaped body
  • Wide wobble, rolling action that randomly hunts pauses and darts
  • Best Hooks In the Industry
  • Hand-Tied Feather Prankster Teaser Tail
  • Hand-Tuned & Lake-Tested

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Banana Big Mike — In the fishing industry, one category of bait shape designed is termed banana-shaped crankbaits. In the banana fruit world, there’s a banana variety called Gros Michel, which is often translated and known as Big Mike! According to Wikipedia  Gros Michel, often translated and known as “Big Mike,” is an export cultivar of banana and was, until the 1950s, the main variety grown.] The physical properties of the Gros Michel make excellent export produce; its thick peel makes it resilient to bruising during transport and the dense bunches that it grows in to make it easy to ship.

Human Big Mike — Jeff and Jeremy’s longtime coworker and good friend is the human version of Big Mike the lure. A seemingly common man, he’s a loyal husband to Betsy, father to Abbi, and recently became a grandpa. He works at his own steady and unpredictable pace, formulated a liberal yet conservative fish harvest program termed CMI, and to be honest, that’s about all the space we have to peel back the various complex layers of Human Big Mike. Good guy, loyal friend, great angler.

Reviews & Ratings

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Big Mike

  1. Jeremy

    This is the best muskie trolling bait on the planet!

  2. Jeff Simpson

    Love Big Human Mike — Great person!

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