Jeremy Smith is an exceptionally average man in height, weight and intelligence. To compensate for his averageness, he pushes the bounds on the appropriateness and tactics of the pranks he plays on his co-workers and friends. His interests are few, but include his wife, plus the Human Mike’s Top 3 ACTIVITIES:  fun, fishing and other various complexities.

Jeremy is a marginal husband to Missi and a decent father to his children Crosby and Winnie. His career has been in the fishing industry. 

His full-time job is at Lindner Media Productions, specializing in doing a number of things for the company. He has worked in almost every element of the business: magazine sales, television sales, magazine writing and editing, television editing and producing, on-camera talent, and mostly talking on the phone.

On a more serious note, Jeremy spends a tremendous amount of time on the water, loves multi-species freshwater fishing, but his real passion are muskies.

Like other muskie addicts, he’s always trying to find better ways to catch them. Tinkering and making baits is something Jeremy has always done, so he and Jeff thought, why not make a select number of high-quality muskie catching baits each winter and let other muskie nuts enjoy them too.

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