Our story

Jeff Simpson and Jeremy Smith have been fishing and in the fishing industry for their entire lives. They are both hardcore multi-species anglers with a passion for big fish, so naturally, they are both addicted to muskies. They enjoy fishing and filming together, pranking each other and everyone else. One mid-winter night, mid-week, they decided to spend money they didn’t have and start building their own  handcrafted baits.




How they started

Initially, they wanted to make baits that have never been available in the musky world for their own selfish desires — to catch more and bigger fish with their own handcrafted baits. But because the lures work so well, friends and other anglers started begging them to make them some too.

Even though the entire process is surprisingly tedious, laborious, and every step is a bottleneck (each lure is a 30-plus step process and takes over 8 days to make) they both love the start-to-finish build process of every single handcrafted bait.

Their mission

Jeff and Jeremy decided to dedicate their time in the winter months to making a limited quantity of lures for their friends in the fishing community can enjoy these handcrafted lures.

Their goal with each bait is to create a beautiful yet extremely functional lure that every angler will love using to catch fish!

Once spring arrives, and the fish start doing their annual thing, JEFF and Jeremy are completely committed to be DONE building baits and getting their own personal boats back on the water—even though the each both OFTEN fish out of the same boat. We’ll likely never get rich with this FISHING COMES FIRST business model, but like you, fishing is our priority — period!

Jeremy Smith

Jeff Simpson

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